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Automated testing

In all major industrial/commercial production segments, testing of the finished products for various parameters are essential. This process is generally a lengthy line. For each and every parameter testing the manpower needed is high and the time taken for testing too is high. The possibility of manual error in preparing the test report is very high. We have been designing AUTOMATED TESTING jigs for various critical applications. These automated testing jigs have the advantage of eliminating manual errors. We have the capability to provide precise solutions to industries where measuring a distance of 1mm with an accuracy of better than 0.2mm in an automated way. We integrate various techniques according to the needs of our clients including pick and place technologies.

Human error eliminated
Faster productivity
Very high accuracy
Lesser manpower requirement
Higher reliability

HMI interface to monitor and control machine

The emergence of Human machine interfacing (HMI) devices have taken the automation segment to newer heights with added features like have monitoring/controlling many process in the same screens. The main advantages of the HMIs are that with proper designing the normal process trends/forecast too can be viewed. The provision to have many screens for various processes monitoring/controlling, to monitor the status of various machineries is an added advantage. Just with the tap of the screen the total process can be monitored with precision.

Ease of usage
Monitoring of data at various process/locations at the same screen
Higher accuracy
Reduction in manpower

Temperature controllers

Monitoring the temperature at various stages of a production line or at quality control is a task in any industry where higher accuracy is needed. The major types of measuring temperature are contact type and non contact type. Temperature measurement and control are very critical and the accuracy too has to be high. For any process the bandwidth for error is minimal. We are having expertise to handle both contact and non contact type measurement and controlling with ample firsthand experience to cater the needs of the industry.

Automatic control of material temperature
To improve product quality
Safety to the industry
Reduce the production cost

AC and Servo drives

The necessity of motors to run at various speeds is increasing and controlling the speed is very vital. The conventional method of using gears is outdated as mechanical wear and tear increases and the efficiency of the products goes down. Maintaining the speed is critical without increasing the power consumption or damaging the machinery. The usage of AC drives or Variable frequency drives have enabled the process to be simpler. The design of AC drives enables the user to program the desired speed at various stages according to the necessity.
We design our enclosures according to the needs of application. We have designed and developed IP67 grade enclosures for critical applications which protects the entire unit enclosed inside from flame, water and dust proof.

Avoiding mechanical strain on the motor
Maintaining the speed to perfection
Changing the speed with ease
Increasing the productivity

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