Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation plays a very important role in the manufacturing industry. Industrial automation is the use of various control devices like PC’s/PLC’s/DCS, used to have control on various operations of an industry without significant intervention from humans and to provide automatic control performance.


To reduce periodic or manual checking
To increase the productivity
Reduce the production cost
To improve product quality
To increase the flexibility
Operator friendly and Improves the safety

Conveyor Automation

Conveyor system plays a vital role in all manufacturing industry, it’s mainly used for transporting materials from one location to another

Conveyor system controls, automation and process PLC programming are designed and developed by our experienced electrical department.


Reduce the manpower
Increasing quality and reliability
Complete product handling and automated conveying systems
Flexible drive speeds
Flexible control functions
Integrated safety functionality
Energy efficiency
Quick Stop functionality
Automatically moving forward and reverse

Material handling

Batching automation is the integration of process control engineering with software and hardware for stepwise production of a final product.

We offer material handling batching automation projects with recipe management software as per customer requirement.


Integrated systems involving activities such as material handling, storing, and batching of materials
Improve efficiency of a production system by ensuring the right quantity of materials delivered at the right place at right time most economically.
Cut down indirect labor cost
Reduce damage of materials during storage and movement
Minimize overall cost and accidents
Faster and more precise operation
Improve product consistency and quality

Packing industry Automation

Packing industries having many processes like filling, picking, cutting, heating, labeling etc. We offer PLC, HMI control with drives as per process requirement of conveyor automation.


Operator friendly and Improves the safety
To reduce periodic or manual checking
To increase the productivity
To improve product quality
To increase the flexibility
Reduce operational expenses
Different speed operation, accurate stopping etc

Tea factory Automation

Tea industries involving many process like plucking, withering, disruption fermentation, shaping, drying, auging etc. Automated conveyor system transfers the material from one process to next process without human need.

Quality control in tea has becomes an increasing demand of the industry. The increased cost of production and labor also calls for taking measure to increase production without compromising on the quality. Both these goals can be achieved by application of electronics in tea.

Fermentation process is one of the most time consuming and the most critical process in the manufacturing of finished tea. Measuring various production parameters using various electronic sensors and using a PLC control system leads to uniform production quality, increased production and reduction in cost due to elimination of labor.

During the fermentation process different parameters monitored are
Temperature of tea on each modules
%RH – Humidity measurement in the humidification chamber
Travel Time – how much time it takes for the tea to reach the end of the fermentation belt.

These parameters are continuously monitored using sensors and the data is logged in an industrial PC using communication technique. The control logic of the system in built in to the PLC and it takes the control actions when the parameters are above or below the specified limit.

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