Instrumentation is the use of measuring instruments to monitor and control a process. The process variables used in industries are level, pressure, flow, temperature, humidity, pH, force, speed etc.

Instrumentation automation improves the process
1. Productivity
2. Optimization
3. Stability
4. Reliability
5. Safety
6. Continuity

Instrumentation control systems are typically used in industries such as electrical, water, oil, gas and data

We design; supply, erection and commissioning of all field instruments such as DPT, PT, FT, LT, Temperature sensor, PID controller, control valves & actuators, pH, turbidity, chlorine, valves etc

Projects Handled
1. Water Treatment
2. Sewage Treatment
3. Waste Water Treatment
4. Surface Water Treatment
5. Telemetry based water Treatment SCADA system

Water Treatment

We are expertise in process of surface raw water treatment into drinking water by various processes like pre- chlorination, chemical dosing, coagulation, Filtration, Post chlorination, pumping etc., up to distribution
1. Filtration & backwash process automatically controlled and monitored by our PLC control.
2. Clear water quality continuously monitored and controlled
3. Reservoir/tank levels maintained
4. Chemical dosing process controlled automatically with the help of pH, turbidity sensor.
5. Pumping and discharging of water monitored/controlled
6. Every day plant production reports generated automatically


1. Automatic control of all valves by actuators
2. Chemical dosing monitored and controlled automatically
3. Daily/weekly/yearly reports generated
4. Operational expenses reduced
5. Alarms generated automatically for malfunction by human/anything

Waste Water Treatment

The process of automating domestic or industrial based water recycling through various processes like desalination, sedimentation, filtration, Final sedimentation etc. Process will be monitored and controlled as per customer requirement.

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