Machine Automation


High Accuracy
Volume of production is very high
Complex surfaces need to be machined
Flexibility in job change, automatic tool setting, less scrap
More safe, higher productivity, better quality

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) plays a very important role in metal works.

An operator decides various machines parameters like feed, depth of cut etc. Depending on type of job, machine functions and slide movements are controlled by motors using computer programs

CSK offers wide range of CNC turning centre, CNC machining centre (3-4-5 axes), CNC horizontal machining centre and vertical line CNC machines, etc.

CNC machines

1. Lathes and Turning centers
2. Milling Centers
3. Vertical machining centers
4. Horizontal machining centers
5. Drilling machines
6. EDM and Wire cut machines
7. Laser cutting machines

CNC machines manufacture these items

1. Automobile parts
2. Aerospace parts
3. Diamond and jewels cutting
4. Textile machinery parts
5. Die and Mould manufacture

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